Endorsed by the Santa Barbara County Deputy Sheriff's Association and the Santa Barbara County Firefighter’s Association.

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Juan Camarena Santa Barbara

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Juan Camarena Santa Barbara

I’m committed to building a safer more vibrant community for all. My campaign rests on three essential pillars: community, vision, and accountability. I believe that a safe and thriving community is one where law enforcement works hand in hand with the people they serve. Through community-oriented policing and engagement programs, we can build trust and cooperation, making our neighborhoods safer for everyone. It’s not just about protecting the people, it is about working alongside them, understanding their needs, and fostering trust between law enforcement and the citizens they serve.

I offer a vision for a more inclusive and forward-thinking law enforcement agency. I will advocate to modernize our practices and ensure the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office is a model of progress and innovation, with the capability to handle the complex challenges of today and tomorrow. We need to embrace technology and innovative strategies to keep up with an ever-evolving world. Body cameras, data-driven decision-making, and community engagement platforms are just a few examples of how we can adapt to the changing landscape of law enforcement.

Finally, accountability is non-negotiable. I will bring a new era of transparency and responsibility to the Sheriff’s Office. I firmly believe that the trust of our community is paramount, and accountability is the cornerstone upon which that trust is built. To achieve this, I will implement a comprehensive system of checks and balances, ensuring that every member of the Sheriff’s Office, from top to bottom, is held to the highest ethical and professional standards. By fostering a culture of accountability and openness, we can better serve and protect our community, while also fostering stronger partnerships between law enforcement and those we are sworn to protect.

Together we can make a real and substantive difference so please consider contributing to my campaign to be your next Sheriff. Join me on this journey, and together, we will create a safer future for all of us who call Santa Barbara County our home.
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